Board member sides with COPA, says LeGrier, Jones shooting was unjustified

CHICAGO -- A Police Board member has overruled Chicago’s top cop and has decided that the shooting of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones was unjustified.

The Board Member, Eva Dina Delgado, sided with an earlier ruling by COPA that the December 2015 fatal shooting of LeGrier, 19, and his neighbor was unjustified. CPD Superintendant Eddie Johnson disagreed with COPA's ruling and moved to keep Officer Robert Rialmo on the force.

The case now heads to the full Police Board who will decide if Rialmo gets to keep his job.

The family said they have no faith in the system, but Thursday's decision was a welcomed one.

Attorney Jack Kennedy said he expects Rialmo to keep his job with the Chicago Police Department. 

Officer Rialmo said the 19-year-old was swinging a bat and he feared for his life when he opened fire. He hit the teen and his downstairs neighbor Jones. Both died from their wounds.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has not said which side he’s on, which angered LeGrier’s mother.

"What I’m feeling is there is no misconduct for the police officers. And I’m not feeling good about that because i don’t have a child. I don’t have a child. Yet they go home to their children,” Janet Cooksey said.

The mayor gave a deposition in the case but the man who called for transparency after the Laquan McDonald video was released asked his attorneys to keep his testimony under wraps and the judge agreed.

The next Police Board meeting is scheduled for May 17.