Suspect sought after mother scheduled to testify at murder trial is fatally shot

GARY, Ind. – The search for a suspect continues after a mother who was supposed to testify at a murder trial became a murder victim herself.

Pamela Hunter was gunned down in her Gary, Ind., home early Tuesday morning.  Her 8-year-old daughter was shot in the foot but survived.

Attorney and former Lake County prosecutor Jamise Perkins is calling for a stronger witness protection program in Lake County, Indiana.

“I do believe if she had not been a witness in this case she would be alive,” Perkins said.

Hunter, a mother of five, was scheduled to testify in June at the murder trial of brother and sister Marcellus and Tyiana Robinson. Marcellus claims he was at Hunter’s house back in 2015 at a party the night of the murder. Hunter was set to testify he left and came back and she overheard him talking about “shooting up a vehicle.”

Lake County Indiana prosecutor Bernard Carter says while there is no evidence Hunter’s murder is related to her scheduled testimony, there were some things in Hunter’s life that would put her at risk. He also said Hunter was not a cooperating witness in this case.

Perkins said it was just last week that Hunter reached out to her expressing fears of being a witness in this case, claiming for months she had been receiving calls and was approached by a group of young men about the case.  And that she had only recently moved to the home where she was murdered because of this case.

Carter said a strong witness protection program is extremely expensive and none of the 91 state prosecutors in Indiana have a program like that. However, he said there are limited funds to help witnesses relocate.

Gary police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.