Matt Nagy all about the details as Bears begin minicamp

LAKE FOREST - Details, details, details - that's what Matt Nagy is focused on.

"As little as just tucking your shirt in. No footballs on the ground. No helmets laying on the ground. Running from drill to drill or a fast jog," noted Nagy. "It's the little things that make this thing work."

The Bears new head coach was meticulous in his preparation for the team's first practice and the players noticed.

"I'm a people reader so my first thing was seeing the cue cards. Like 'okay, I'm not going to miss anything in this meeting.' You know what I mean?" remarked Bears defensive end Akiem Hicks. "Just very obsessive about being detailed and having us be detailed."

"He's just very - I wouldn't say OCD, yet - detailed."

Nagy believes focusing on the small stuff will lead to bigger things.

"You want them to know that this is real with where we're going and what we're doing. Like I said this morning with the foundation of this building out here - just seeing out my window the communication of the guys that are building, pouring that concrete and the cement, people in the background talking 'How do you do this? How do you do that?" That's what we're doing right now as a team."

"I want them to know that we want to win now. You've got to understand what it takes to get there. You can't just say, 'you need to do it.'  Again, this isn't just that we just want to spray paint on and cover up for a little bit. We're building this thing."

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