Around Town checks out EnerGEEwhizz

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EnerGEEwhizz is a brand new, highly unique exercise facility. It is designed to get children to exercise without them even realizing they’re doing so, through highly imaginative, never-before-seen creative exercise modules, which keep the children entertained, focused and coming back for more. It also offers fitness and exercise courses for the prenatal and postnatal mothers. EnerGEEwhizz support moms with the advocation and information to assist in a healthy pregnancy, at every stage. Their professional staff of experienced educators understand that not every term is the same. Therefore, they take a dynamic approach, given the capabilities of each individual to provide the appropriate modifications necessary to achieve the maximum well being of you and your child. Their guidance continues post pregnancy to provide for the safest, most effective nutrition and exercise practices to help you achieve your goals. EnerGEEwhizz will positively motivate and consistently educate in a fun, safe environment.

1418 N. Kingsbury Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

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