A dose of winter hits Chicago in springtime

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CHICAGO — Mother Nature gave Chicago a steady dose of winter on a spring day that started with snow Sunday morning.

Just when we thought snow plows were done for the season, fleets of them hit the road in Gurnee, and several accidents were spotted by WGN reporters along I-94. In Zion, an early morning ice storm sent a tree crashing into a house.

"This is about what we can expect in the Midwest; we never know what we’re gonna get this time of year," driver Brendon Nosal said. "We’re dealing with about a half inch of sleet and snow, and a bunch of hard driving conditions right now."

Temperatures finally warmed up enough to turn into a steady rain by midday, now causing the roads around Wrigley Field to flood. Fans were left standing in the rain as the Cubs game was canceled as well. It sure doesn’t feel like the start of baseball season.

Still, everyone is itching to get outside. Biker Alex Ray hit the lakefront trail Sunday, although something other than the snow slowed him down on mile 30, he says.

"Well, I got a new bike recently id been hoping to ride it and I'm kinda of trying to ignore the snow falling and just get some exercise," Ray said. "I’ve just ridden so long my legs are killing me, I can’t even peddle anymore."

He fought through it and jumped backed on his bike.

There's a chance of snow again on Monday and the Cubs are at home, so that game could be up in the air. The White Sox have better luck with a game set in California this week.

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