Hospital staff take goose family under their wing

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CHICAGO -- A Canada goose has picked an usual spot to nest- right on top of Weiss Memorial Hospital's parking garage.

This is the fourth year the Mama and Papa goose have returned to their rooftop nesting spot.

Hospital staff have embraced the couple they call "Wheezie and George" by providing sod, food, water and even a wading pool for goslings once they hatch.

"For city folks, this is as close as we're going get to nature other than the Lincoln Park Zoo, so it's been a lot of fun,” says Weiss Memorial Hospital's Director of Graduate Medical Education, Terry Tuohy.

The rooftop houses dozens of community farm plots as well. One of the rooftop farmers, Wally Bytner took the mama goose under his wing bringing food and water to her nest daily. Hospital staff call him the “goose whisperer.”

"For some reason she just accepted me right off the bat", says Bytner.

No one gets exactly why or how Weezie and Wally hit it off  but the bond is apparent, with the proud mama showing off her eggs each time he visits.

The relationship works not just for Weezie and George but for the hospital employees who love seeing their rooftop family thrive. Recently Weiss Memorial Hospital began posting videos of their celebrity geese.

Since then, they've been a social media sensation, generating hundreds of thousands of views.

Wally expects the nine goslings will hatch sometime within the next week.

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