Did March 2018 break records for the least snowfall?

Dear Tom,
Chicago received so little snow in March that it must have been a record, or near record, for least March snowfall, but I have heard nothing about this. Can you comment on it?

Hal Schweig

Dear Hal,
March of 2018 produced 2.6 inches of snow officially at O’Hare International Airport versus a long-term average of 6.3 inches. Despite being only 41 percent of the average March snowfall, it was far from a record for least March snowfall. In fact, 39 months of March out of the 134 in the official period of record (1885-2018) produced less snow. Five of them — in 1910, 1921, 1994, 1997 and 2000 — produced no measurable snow (although each of them did have a few days on which traces of snow were reported). This past March’s snowfall tied with March of 2016, which also received 2.6 inches of snow.