Cubs postpone home opener at Wrigley to Tuesday due to snow

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CHICAGO — The Chicago Cubs are among the last major league teams to hold their home opener, and fans will have to keep waiting after snow led officials to push Opening Day back one day.

The Cubs' game against the Pittsburgh Pirates was scheduled to begin Monday at 1:20 p.m., and was pushed back before it was ultimately canceled around 11 a.m. The game was rescheduled for Tuesday at 1:20 p.m.

Cubs players played with snowballs in Wrigley Field as a girl built a snowman in the infield as crews cleared out snow from the field and bleachers.

The home opener is supposed to be a sure sign of spring, but instead it came with a dose of winter weather. Postponing the game on a cold, snowy day actually burned a bit extra, because the White Sox still played ball on the South Side. Thousands of fans had already arrived in Wrigleyville when they heard they will have to come back the next day. Most were disappointed but are now looking forward to Tuesday's forecast, which includes sunshine and a high in the upper 40s.

“Apparently, we’re not doing Spring this year, which is fine,” Cubs fan Cara Jagodzinski said, as her family scrambled to figure out a plan for the day.

As the snow tapered off in the afternoon, fans wondered why the team didn’t just wait. Cubs supporters like Anita Lopez went further,  worrying the Cubs' choice to cancel while the White Sox play will fuel stereotypes about each team’s toughness.

"What snow? We’re from Chicago, where the hell is the snow?" Lopez said. “If the South Side can play ball, the North Side should play ball; there’s no crying in baseball.”

Tailgating in the snow before the White Sox game, Sean O’Brien and his buddies looked down on the North Side fans as Anita predicted.

“They’re soft, they’re soft on the North Side. We’re still playing," Sox fan Chris Aylward said.“They’re a bunch of babies. It’s Chicago. We’re used to the weather.”

Scott Stombaugh had planned on taking his son to his first home opener at Wrigley, but the game was canceled two minutes after they parked, he said. So instead of giving up, they drove down to Guaranteed Rate field to see the White Sox game.

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