When was the last time it snowed for both the Sox and Cubs home openers?

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Dear Tom,
When was the last time it snowed for both the Sox and Cubs home openers?
— Larry Hau, Aurora
Dear Larry,
Both the Cubs and White Sox have had home openers when snow fell during the game, but never in the same season. This season could be the first. In recent years, the 2016 Sox home opener was played in chilling 35-degree weather with a mixture of rain and snow, and in 2007 some flurries fell during the Cubs home debut. In 1982, both teams had some aspects of their home openers impacted by snow. That year, the April 5 Sox opener fell victim to one of the city’s biggest late-season snowfalls when 9.4 inches fell. The snow was followed by three consecutive days in the 30s, so snow still covered the ground for the April 9 Cubs home opener. It didn’t snow during the game, but light snow fell through 9 a.m., and the first-pitch temperature was just 34. When Bill Buckner hit a fourth-inning home run, fans threw snowballs onto the field.

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