Is March, 2018 the sunniest on record?

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Dear Tom,
I was born in 1953 and have lived in the Chicago area my entire life and think that March, 2018 is the sunniest that I remember! Is that true?

Jennifer Lyons

Dear Jennifer,

As you perceived, March 2018 was an incredibly sunny month logging nearly 70 percent of its possible sunshine through March 25. Chicago weather historian, Frank Wachowski, who measures the city’s sunshine, said it ranked among the sunniest since 1953 along with 69 percent in 1994 and 68 percent in 1999. However, the month’s last six days turned dreary averaging just 32 percent of possible sunshine including sunless days on March 27 and 29. That caused the month’s sunshine percentage to plunge to 56 percent, though still well above the 49 percent normal. However, after that drop it became just the city’s sunniest March since 2015 when 58 percent of the possible sunshine was recorded.

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