The April 1, 1993 ‘April Fool’s’ snowstorm

Dear Tom,

Fact checking my “April Fool’s” snowstorm, I recall a long commute home in the early ’90s in an April 1 snowstorm. Can you verify?

Paula Wix

Dear Paula,

The date was April 1, 1993 when Mother Nature unleashed a very cruel April Fool’s joke on the Chicago area. A strong spring storm battered the area, first with heavy rain then with heavy snow. The day began with up to two inches of wind-driven rain that caused localized flooding. Strong northeast winds gusting in excess of 40 mph produced 12 foot waves on Lake Michigan triggering beach erosion along with lakeshore flooding. Late in the day the rain turned to heavy snow, primarily impacting areas from the city north and west. Some of the heaviest snow accumulations included 4 inches at Barrington, 5 inches at the Chicago Botanic Garden , 4 inches at Marengo and officially 3.7 inches at O’Hare Airport.