The 5 best quotes from Loyola’s Sister Jean’s NCAA news conference

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Loyola University’s chaplain Sister Jean held a news conference Friday ahead of the NCAA Final Four.

The last time the Chicago university was in the Final Four was 1963, and that year, the team won the tournament championship.

Throughout this tournament, Sister Jean has become a national sensation. She even has her own bobblehead, which has quickly become the No. 1 seller among Loyola fan gear.

She’s also known for delivering zingers. Here are five of her best from Friday’s news conference:


1. Sister Jean’s on what she’ll tell the Loyola Ramblers before the game:

“I can’t tell you what I’m going to tell because I’m afraid you’re going to tell Michigan what we are going to do.”

2. Sister Jean’s advice for anyone who wants to get their prayer heard:

“We have a little slogan where we say: ‘Worship, work, and win.’ And so you need to do all of those things. God always hears, but maybe he thinks it’s better for us to do the L instead of the W and we have to accept that.”

3. Sister Jean’s reaction to her national fame:

“When they say, ‘I came from New York to do this,’ like 3-4 photographers. And I think to myself: ‘Who am I? Don’t let it go to your head.’ I haven’t done that, nor has the team.”

4. Sister Jean’s reaction to challenge from Mary Belle Hicks, the 100-year-old grandmother of former University of Michigan star Jalen Rose:

“I saw her on Facebook the other day. I also heard that she’s out to get me. So, we will see. Somebody said: “maybe you need a pair of boxing gloves.” And I said: ‘Well, we’ll see what happens.'”

5. Sister Jean’s take on whether or not God is a basketball fan:

“He probably is. And he probably is more of the NCAA than the NBA.”

The Loyola Ramblers take on the Michigan Wolverines at 5 p.m. Saturday.