Justin Timberlake really, really loved dining at Alinea in Chicago

CHICAGO — While in Chicago for his “Man Of The Woods Tour,” Justin Timberlake apparently enjoyed a delicious meal at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea in Lincoln Park.

The superstar posted Instagram videos of himself at the restaurant, engaging with his food and the staff.

The first video shows him sucking helium out of a sugar ballon. Speaking in a high-pitched voice, he says, “I’m just hanging out at Alinea, you know what I’m saying!” before breaking into laughter.

The next two clips show Timberlake being shocked by the service and the dishes that the chefs prepared.

At one point, Timberlake jumps out of his seat and shouts to the servers,”Yo! Ya’ll wanna go on tour?”

In his Instagram post, he restates his offer for a second time.

“Hey @thealineagroup, seriously…y’all wanna go on tour?” it reads.

Hey @thealineagroup, seriously…y'all wanna go on tour? (Sound ON)

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