Wisconsin man accused of dropping gravel from dump truck during police chase

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DODGE COUNTY, Wis. -- A Wisconsin man is facing multiple charges after fleeing from police in a dump truck.

The driver, 34-year-old Theodore Tamminga, was not able to get far, but he did have a trick up his sleeve.

According to Fox6 News, the pursuit happened in Dodge County, Wisconsin on Wednesday, March 21 after police received a call from Tamminga's father saying they had just gotten into a fight.

Tamminga then took off in a dump truck.

As the patrol car was closing in, he dumped his load of dirt and gravel behind him.

The officer was able to drive around the obstacle and catch up to Tamminga -- who, further down the road, drove into a muddy field.

The deputy can be heard on his body camera recorded saying, "We are gonna have a hazard. I'm attempting to get through it."

Police say as they arrested Tamming, he was crying and laughing hysterically before yelling out obscenities and referring to himself as "Terrible Ted."

Tamminga is currently being held in Dodge County jail on $50,000 bond, Fox6 News  reports.

He is being charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence, attempting to flee an officer and operating a motor vehicle while revoked.