Late season winter storm to impact parts of the area

CHICAGO — A winter storm warning and winter weather advisory are in effect late Friday night through Saturday afternoon and evening for areas south and west of Chicago.

A swath of heavy, very wet snow is expected across southwest portions of the Chicago area beginning late Friday into Saturday. Grundy, La Salle and Kankakee counties are most susceptible to heavy snow. NO snow is expected for Chicago and most suburbs. The snowfall gradient will be very narrow. For example, in the 80-mile difference between downtown Chicago and Peru, totals will range from NO accumulation to as much as 8 to 10 inches of snow.

This late-season snow will be extremely wet and heavy, and can become a health risk to shovel. Caution is strongly advised. Only move small amounts with each shovel pass.  In addition to the snow, powerful easterly winds will gust more than 35 mph across the entire metropolitan area making for a pretty miserable day.

The snow will not stick around for long. Warmer weather returns Sunday into early next week, when rain and possibly a few thunderstorms will accompany the next storm system.