Andy Frye looks ahead to the Cubs & White Sox 2018 season on Sports Feed

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CHICAGO - We're just a week away from one of American sports best days on the calendar.

That's the opening of the Major League Baseball season, which in 2018 will start on a Thursday either in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Even with differing expectations, there is a lot of anticipation for both of Chicago's baseball teams as March 29th approaches. The Cubs have a team that could legitimately make a run for a second World Series Championship in three seasons. Meanwhile the White Sox are in the second year of their rebuild which promises the debut of a few new prospects that are hoped to make the team a contender sooner than later.

Andy Frye of Rolling Stone discussed both teams a week ahead of the start of the regular season on Thursday's Sports Feed with Josh Frydman. You can watch that discussion in the video above or below.