See a day in the life of a Humboldt penguin chick

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BROOKFIELD, Ill.— The Brookfield Zoo shared video showing the life of a baby chick hatched at the zoo just over a month ago, and it's not too different from your average newborn.

Since it hatched on February 12, the still-unnamed chick has been raised by hand, according to the zoo. As he's fed a steady diet of herring and marine smelt, he's also weighed three times a day by the animal care staff.

He isn't quite ready to swim yet, as the zoo says it will have to wait until he grows into his juvenile feathers, which usually occurs around two months of age. At that time, he'll be introduced to a shallow pool of water. So for now, he's mostly eating and sleeping as he's hand-reared by zookeepers.

Eventually, he'll join the rest of the Humboldt penguin colony in the zoo's Living Coast habitat. Once he's left the nest, so to speak, he may even take on the role of an "animal ambassador" in the zoo's Penguin Encounter, which gives members of the public a chance to interact with penguins in person. But the zoo said in its statement that it all depends on "whether he chooses to participate."

For now, he's mostly sticking to the basics: smelt, herring and sleep.

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