Gov. Rauner tells WGN about moving forward after Republican primary win

CHICAGO - Gov. Bruce Rauner joined WGN Morning News Wednesday after winning the Republican primary race for governor.

"I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to continue to serve the people of Illinois. So we can win the battle against the corruption in our state. Now is the time for us to unite, to come together on the things we agree on," Rauner said.

Rauner addressed primary challenger Jeanne Ives' ability to collect votes from conservatives that may question Rauner's stances on social issues such as abortion and immigration.

"I don't focus on social issues. They divide us at a time when we need to unite to fix our economic problems," Rauner said. " And my focus is on unifying everyone: Republicans and Independents and reform-minded Democrats on the things we all need to have a better future."

Rauner also addressed his lack of the Democrat comprised vote. He promised to find common ground on many issues, including pension reform and term-limits, and to approach these issues with a "bipartisan" approach.

After the heated race between Rauner and Ives, Rauner stated that he did not speak with Ives before announcing his victory.

"We have not spoken yet; you are right, it is very difficult. Primaries are divisive. But now is the time to move past that, to come together. I look forward to visiting with the representative. Visiting with those who are hurt or have their feelings that were challenged by the difficulties of a primary and find common ground, and we can do this," Rauner said.