Campaigns on last sprint before tomorrow’s Election Day

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Monday, the campaigns sprinted to the finish line.

Governor Rauner, appearing in Hanover Park.  He complained that national Democrats are meddling in his primary fight with Jeanne Ives.

“They’re trying to fool the voters,” he said. “They want people to be misled and to have Republican primary voters vote for Ives.”

At issue is an ad by the Democratic Governors Association that reinforces Ives’ conservative credentials.

Rauner says Democrats are trying to lift up Ives’ candidacy because they would rather run against her the general election.  Rauner says an Ives candidacy this fall would be a disaster.

“We have got to defeat Madigan and Pritzker. They are corrupt. They are insiders,” Rauner said.

Ives, trying to activate Donald Trump supporters, met reporters Monday afternoon at Chicago’s Trump Tower.

“I’m Mike Madigan’s worst nightmare not his BF,” she said. “And so folks around the state are getting that message out for us. That’s why we’re so close.”

On the Democratic side, JB Pritzker was scheduled to make five appearances across Illinois today.

“Illinois is ready to take on the bad guys,” Pritzker said.

Pritzker had no scheduled stops in Chicago.

Daniel Biss was in Chicago and greeted voters on the CTA and downtown.

Chris Kennedy started his day downstate before heading to Chicago for an evening event.

At a black church on the South Side, Kennedy appeared to get a boost from Tio Hardiman. In a video obtained by WGN News Hardiman is seen heard people, “If you don’t want to vote for me, support Chris Kennedy.”

Hardiman, lagging behind in polls, confirmed to WGN News his comment, saying he’s frustrated that his candidacy hasn’t gained more media attention.

The campaigns and interest groups have spent a whopping $65.7 million on TV commercials.

Pritzker is leading the way spending $33.5 million, followed by Rauner’s $16.5 million. Biss has spent $4.5 million, Kennedy $2.8 million and Ives also $2.8 million.

The candidates in other races were out today hunting for last minute votes.

A late turn in the race for Cook County Board President Democrat Toni Preckwinkle is facing a challenge from former Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti.

Fioretti appeared today with Jesse Jackson.  But Preckwinkle, over the weekend, picked up the backing of Barack Obama, raising questions about whether she thinks the race has tightened.