Gubernatorial candidates race to sway voters as primary election nears

CHICAGO — Recent polls show some voters are still undecided ahead of this month's primaries, and candidates from both sides of the aisle are racing through the last couple of days to make their case.

Gov. Rauner didn’t have any public appearances scheduled for Sunday, so those running against him took the opportunity to say why they think he's a bad choice for four more years. His challenger Jeanne Ives says he’s running a smear campaign against her, and admits her campaign is doing damage control.

"He’s pathetic. It’s pathetic. I don’t know how else to say it," Ives said. "Why would you spend your millions of dollars trying to take me down? It’s because you don’t have a record you can run on."

On the Democrat side, J.B. Pritzker visited a West Side church with Secretary of State Jesse White Sunday. Pritzker agrees the millions he and Bruce Rauner have spent on this campaign sometimes clouds the message.

"The money I’ve had to spend, I believe Illinois is worth it," Pritzker said. "Save it from Bruce Rauner and fix it for working families."

Challenger Chris Kennedy says voting for Pritzer is actually another vote for the democratic machine. He’s chosen to visit 52 churches this year to listen to voters instead.

"It’s not all about candidates or government," Kennedy said. "People are struggling on a daily basis."

Democratic candidate Daniel Biss was in Rockford Sunday to talk with voters as well.