Body of missing Round Lake man located

MUNDELEIN, Ill. -- Hikers found the body of a missing Round Lake man in Mundelein. He was found dead in his car which had crashed into a tree.

Dale Kropke had been missing for the last two weeks. Tonight his family confirms he is the man who was found in a field this morning. They say they are relieved to finally have some closure.

The family of 76-year-old Dale Kropke had been looking for him for weeks.  The Round Lake police were planning a helicopter search for tomorrow but now they don’t need to. Three hikers found Kropke’s car Sunday lodged in a tree in Mundelein just east of route 83 on Winchester Road.

His family says they think he had a medical incident, possibly a heart attack, before running his car off the road. They do not suspect foul play. And they hope to learn more about what really happened from an autopsy which is scheduled for Monday.

Kropke had been on his way to a doctor’s appointment. His family says paperwork for that appointment was found in the passenger seat of his car. But he never made it there.

His family says they are especially grateful to the round lake police department and the community for all of their help. They have felt very supported these last couple of weeks as they searched for answers.