‘One pot’ meth lab found in Indiana White Castle, police say

HOBART, Ind. — Police found a one-pot methamphetamine lab inside a White Castle restaurant Friday in northwest Indiana.

Officers were called to the White Castle at 7996 W. Ridge Rd. in Hobart, Ind., about 10:50 a.m. Friday for a report of a suspicious person, according to the Hobart Police Department.

Police found a man with a "suspected one pot" meth lab, the department said in a statement. One man was taken into custody.

Four officers were treated for exposure to chemicals. Indiana State Police were called to safely contain the lab.

A White Castle spokesman said the restaurant reopened by 6 p.m. Friday following an inspection by the local board of health. There were no violations, the spokesman said.

The company's vice president, Jamie Richardson, released the following statement: “We are proud of our White Castle team members who alerted local authorities about a suspicious customer, and thankful for the Hobart Police Department’s rapid response. We are grateful to be part of a community where everyone looks out for one another, and works together to keep our neighborhoods safe.”

A one-pot meth lab is a bottle filled with chemicals. The lab is dangerous because there is often only a thin layer of plastic covering the chemicals, police have said.