Designers of collapsed Miami bridge working on major project in East Chicago

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EAST CHICAGO, Ind. -- The designers of the collapsed pedestrian bridge in Miami are also working on a major bridge project in East Chicago, Indiana.

The FIGG Bridge Group is building the new Cline Avenue Bridge, which will replace one that was condemned and closed in 2009. It will serve as a link from the Indiana Toll Road near the state line to the Gary Airport.

Unlike the bridge in South Florida, this one is designed for heavy truck and car traffic.

Scott Manning, a spokesman for INDOT, says what happened in Miami will not affect the Cline Avenue project in the short term.

FIGG Group has not announced any slowdown in construction or internal review of design or construction procedures.

The $140 million bridge is scheduled to open next year. It will run more than a mile at a height of 100-feet.

Six people were killed Thursday when the FIGG Bridge Group’s newly constructed Miami bridge collapsed over a busy street.

About 950 tons of concrete and steel fell onto a major arterial road next to the campus of Florida International University.

Eight cars were partially or totally crushed, and 10 people were taken to hospitals.

The 174-foot span was assembled on the roadside and was moved into place last Saturday. It hadn’t been opened to foot traffic.​

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