Students from Parkland, Florida discuss ‘March for Our Lives’ on WGN

CHICAGO -- Two students who survived the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida joined WGN Morning News Wednesday to speak about "March for Our Lives."

"March for Our Lives" is an anti-gun violence rally organized by Parkland students and survivor that aims to pressure Congress to pass stricter gun control laws.

"I was born not long after Columbine. I am part of the mass shooting generation. This has been my entire life. This is normal for me," student Cameron Kasky told WGN Morning News. "My generation, Stoneman Douglas, which is a whole community of leaders, we are all standing up. We are saying: These politicians work for us. We don't have to respect somebody blindly because they have the word senator in front of their name. We have to make sure our politicians represent us."

Student Emma Gonzalez talked about meeting with students from Chicago and talking about gun violence with them. She was impressed by their strength.

"Those kids are stronger than we could ever consider, could ever think of being," she told WGN.

March for Our Lives will be held in Washington on Saturday, March 24, with marches planned in cities across the country, including Chicago.