Junk Remedy co-owner shares warning to others after home destroyed by fire

CHICAGO -- Back in 2014, WGN featured the story of a man whose business helps others get a fresh start. But recently, the co-owner of that business faced hardships of his own.

Corey Heidkamp is the co-owner of Junk Remedy. A fire broke out at his home after a surge on one of the electrical outlets in the garage. His family was safe, but everything inside the house was a loss. The family was renting the home at the time.

Shortly after the fire, Heidkamp made a call to his rental insurance company, when he was told he had forgotten to renew his policy.

Nearly all of their possessions had been destroyed, and there was no insurance money to replace them.

"I thought they were on auto-pay. It didn't renew. It was a honest mistake," Heidkamp said.

After years of helping people in the community, they stepped up to help him. Within two weeks, friends and family stepped up to help the Heidkamp family replace everything from furniture to underwear.

Now, he wants people to hear his story to make sure they do not make the same mistake.

"Take five minutes, call your insurance broker. Make sure all your policies are in place because if something does happen, you know that you're covered," he said.