St. Baldrick’s continues to fight pediatric cancer for kids like 5-year-old Marty Brogan

CHICAGO -- March is here and for a growing number of people that means it’s time for St. Baldrick's Day.

It’s time to be brave and go bald, in the name of fighting pediatric cancer.

St. Baldrick is a mythical figure -- a combination of bald, which happens to people who undergo chemo and radiation treatments for cancer- and St. Patrick's Day.

Leading the charge for us here at WGN is our very own Patrick Elwood who has set an example by having his head shaved and raising thousands of dollars for years.

One of the patients St. Baldrick’s aims to help is 5-year-old Marty Brogan, a student at St. Catherine of Alexandria School in Oak Lawn.

In January 2017, Marty was diagnosed with a rare cancer that had spread to his lungs.

His stage 4 condition required 43 weeks of radiation and chemo, a grueling regimen.

But his mother, Karen, tells us the family learned this past January that Marty’s cancer is in remission and he’s feeling his normal, active, 5-year-old self.

Dozens of his schoolmates at St. Catherine's are making the pledge to shave their heads this year and sign up sponsors to donate to the cause.

St. Catherine’s is part of Elwood’s Chicago Schools Challenge where thousands of kids from area schools will shave their heads to raise money for pediatric research and protocols.

Eight hospitals in Chicago receive money from their efforts.