Pneumonia cold front moves south into northeast Illinois/Chicago area

CHICAGO — A west-east oriented cold front moved out of Wisconsin into northern Illinois late Wednesday morning.

The front will accelerate as it moves south along the Illinois Lake Michigan shoreline – passing over the relatively smooth waters of the lake – at the same time moving slower over the rougher ground inland.

By late afternoon, as a result of this differential in speed, the front will become oriented more northwest-southeast from west of Rockford into northwest Indiana.

As winds shift to the north/northeast with the frontal passage, temperatures to the north and east of the front will fall through the 40s eventually reaching into the middle and upper 30s, while south and west of the frontal boundary temperatures will remain in the 50s to lower 60s. This evening the cold front will move well south of Interstate-80 leaving most of the Chicago area in the colder air.

Later tonight a low-pressure wave is expected to develop on the front, spreading a cold rain over our area from the southwest.

Below are maps depicting latest airport temperatures and wind direction/speed which will give a good idea on the progress of the cold front…

Area Airport temperatures

Area Airport wind direction/speed