Naplate residents mark 1-year anniversary of deadly tornado

NAPLATE, Ill. -- One year after a deadly tornado tore through central Illinois, the tiny communities of Naplate and Ottawa are still rebuilding.

The residents of Naplate marked the one-year anniversary of the tornado on Wednesday.

People gathered at Village Hall. It was a somber occasion to due the damange caused by the tornado, but it was a way to look back at how far the community has come. Residents came to the meeting to swap stories and reflect on how far they've come in the last 365 days.

One year ago, an EF-3 tornado packing winds up to 165 miles per hour and baseball-sized hail, passed through the Naplate and Ottawa.

Eighteen buildings, including a nursing home, were destroyed and dozens more were damaged in Naplate.

In Ottawa, two people died -- 32-year-old David Johnson and his father-in-law Wayne Tuntland died from a falling tree.

In the nights and the days that followed the tornado, people from all walks of life -- first responders, utility crews and thousands of volunteers -- banded together to begin the rebuilding process.

The rebuilding continues to this day but most of it is done and all of it without government relief funds.