Woman, 74, says she stopped man from trying to kill her by grabbing his ‘gonads’

TIGARD, Oregon — A 74-year-old woman stopped a man from trying to kill her by grabbing his testicles.

Charlotte Simons said her former roommate, Leo Miller, 71, attacked her after she asked him to pay half of the electric bill.

(Photo: Leo Miller, 71)

Simons said she was watching T.V.  a few weeks ago when Miller tried to suffocate her with a plastic bag.

She played dead and used her Life Alert necklace to call for help.

“They came on the line and said what’s your emergency,” said Simons. “I need the police, I need an ambulance, on the double!”

Miller started punching Simons in the face when he realized she was calling for help.

“That’s when I reached for his gonads and I just squeezed them as hard as I could,” said Simons. “If I had a pair of cutters, he wouldn’t be wearing ’em today, he’d be at the hospital.”

Police interrupted the attack and arrested Miller.

Simons spent two days in the hospital for her injuries. Her right eye was swollen shut and her face was bruised.

“If you want to beat up on somebody, go to the gym and work out on a body bag,” said Simons.

Miller has pleaded not guilty to several charges, including attempted murder, strangulation and assault. His next court appearance is in March.