Race for governor: Kennedy’s relatives step up campaigning

The race for Illinois governor is heating up.

And now democratic candidate Chris Kennedy is calling in his high-profile relatives to help him drum up votes.
Tuesday, another Kennedy, Joseph the III, was in Chicago stumping for his uncle, Chris Kennedy, a month before the primary election.

As the congressman from Massachusetts talked up his uncle’s run for Illinois Governor, the candidate took another go at powerful Illinois house speaker Michael Madigan, the day after a second man within Madigan’s political organization was let go due to sexual harassment allegations.

“I think Madigan, not as speaker but the head of the Democratic Party needs to step away,” Chris Kennedy said. “That is take a temporary step back during this investigation.”

Just last week democratic campaign worker Alaina Hampton went public with allegations against a top aide in Madigan’s machine. She said Madigan tried to ignore the allegation for months until it was about to be in the Chicago Tribune.

The other two top candidates for the democratic nomination, when asked about Madigan, said more needs to be done.

“It took too long to investigate,” J.B. Pritzker said. “I think there should be an independent investigation.”

But it was Daniel Biss who had the strongest words for the most powerful politician in the state saying, “Speaker Madigan should step down as head of the democratic party of Illinois. As a democrat in the legislature, I don’t have confidence in his ability to lead the party. … We’ve seen now days of evidence of evasion, dodging the question, trying to hide the problem instead of solve the problem. It’s time to step down.”