Lunchbreak: Cafe Marie-Jeanne

Chef Michael Simmons, Chef & Owner 
Cafe Marie-Jeanne
Phone: 773-904-7660
Address: 1001 N. California, Chicago,
Omelet “farcie”
1 Tbsp unsalted cultured butter plus a little extra for cooking the omelet
9 Large chicken eggs, preferably very fresh and from pastured hens
3 Tbsp fresh minced chives
¼ Cup Fino Sherry- or any sherry you have available
1 teaspoons caviar or smoked trout roe
1 Lemon
Fine sea salt
Coarse Brittany sea salt
Equipment you will need
1 16 oz sauce pot
2 Small high temp rubber spatula
1 - 8-10 inch nonstick skillet
2 Small stainless bowls
1 Fork
1 Lemon zester
Crack 3 of eggs together in 1 small bowl, add 1 Tsp of sherry and whip them together with a fork until they are well beaten and frothy. Set aside, preferably in a cool or cold place. 
Crack the remaining 6 eggs together and beat well with a fork in a bowl. 
Place the remaining sherry in the sauce pot and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Add the cold butter to the simmering sherry and immediately stream in the 6 beaten eggs, stirring constantly with the spatula. Lower the flame under the pot slightly and continue cooking and stirring constantly. Add a pinch of fine sea salt, and continue cooking and stirring, scraping the eggs from the sides and bottom of the pit until they begin to look thick and custardy. They will have a soft curd appearance and become slightly thicker than the nappe on the spatula. Remove from heat, stir in the chives, and set aside.
Heat a nonstick skillet over medium/low heat add a ½ tbsp. of unsalted butter. When the butter is fully and gently melted, not brown at all, pour in the 3 beaten & cold eggs and swirl the pan to make them coat the bottom in one even layer. Gently cook the omelet until the edges begin to set. As the edges begin to set, tilt the pan toward the set edge and using the spatula, gently coax the set edge towards the center of the omelet so the cooked egg are replaced with the runny raw egg. Repeat along the circumference, working quickly and smoothly until the omelet is light, slightly wrinkly looking and about medium rare. Gently pour the soft scrambled eggs into the center of the omelet. Tilting the pan slightly away from you, form a loose fist with your free hand and gently “bop” the handle of the pan close to where it connects to the pan itself. It should be too hot, but always check first so you don’t burn yourself. Repeat this “bop” until the omelet begins to fold over on itself. When it does, help the omelet the rest of the way with the spatula so it folds over itself while sliding onto the plate.
You should end up with a soft and custardy center, a light eggy shell, and it should be redolent of egg, butter, sherry and chive.
Spoon the caviar or roe over the center of the omelet in a tight quenelle or elegant round scoop, zest the lemon for three or four strokes over the entire omelet, and then sprinkle a little coarse Brittany sea salt over it. Enjoy!