2-year-old a whiz at identifying cars just by logos

CHICAGO --Like a lot of little kids, 2-year-old Dallas loves cars and trucks.

So when the Auto Show rolled into town, he was determined to get mom and dad to take him.

At only 2, Dallas can identify every vehicle in this room by its logo. And in, fact many not at the show as well.

How did he learn 50 plus automakers?   If you have more than one red toy car in your collection, how else do you tell them apart?

His father said he was going to nickname the cars, but instead he decided to tell Dallas exactly what they were.  And Dallas began to learn them.

It’s only taken him about five months to pick up on the 50 plus cars in his vocabulary, and he’s still learning new ones all the time.

His mom, April, even credits cars for getting his speech on track.

“He was actually overcoming a speech delay at the same time,” she says. “And I really think spitting out the car logos really helped get him this far.”