Girl Scout earns title of ‘Cookie C.E.O.’ after making thousands of sales

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CHICAGO — A Roger's Park eighth grader has sold so many boxes of cookies that the Girl Scouts gave her the title of Cookie C.E.O.

For the last two years Phoebe Williams has sold over 5,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, enough to help her troop pay for a trip to Disney and even Europe last summer.

"Knowing she got to do those things because of her hard work...that it was something she earned; that means a lot to her," her mom Autumn Williams said.

Her first year out, Phoebe sold less than 50 boxes. The next year, that number jumped to several hundred. By 6th grade she was selling them by the thousands.

Now at 13, Phoebe already has big plans beyond her cookie stand. She wants to get a degree in business and then open her own restaurant. She says cookie sales taught her life skills she wouldn't get any where else.

"I learned business things, how to be around strangers, how to handle money and all that definitely changes who you are," Phoebe said.

In the interim, her biggest challenge is keeping her six siblings away from her cookie inventory.

"I definitely found empty boxes under people's beds. We have to keep the cookies locked in the garage to keep my siblings from eating them," Phoebe said with a laugh.