Bye, bye dibs: the City is clearing the streets next week

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Rory Sheahan spotted this dibs toilet near 35th and Emerald on Feb. 11.

CHICAGO — The snow is melting, leaving an assortment of chairs, cones, furniture, and other objects standing vigil over empty curbs across Chicago.

While it’s tempting to keep those prime spots reserved even after the snow is gone, crews will begin throwing away any objects left curbside starting next Monday, February 19, the Department of Streets and Sanitation said in a statement.

“As the snow begins to melt, our crews are focused on clearing streets of debris and residents can help by picking up any items they may have on the street,” Streets and Sanitation Commissioner John Tully said.

So move those dibs this weekend, or lose them to a garbage truck. Besides, there’s no measurable snow back in the forecast — yet.

The City also says any Chicagoans who would like dibs removed from their curbs (but don’t want to talk to their neighbors) can call 311 and ask for them to be removed.

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