Lovebox creates a hub for digital love notes in any home

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CHICAGO -- A box of candy is standard fare for Valentine's Day, but a different kind of box is working to spread the love, one digital message at a time.

On the outside, the Lovebox is a small wooden box with rounded corners, and a carved heart attached to the side. What sets this box apart is revealed when that heart starts spinning. Its owner can pop the top off off the box, revealing a new message from a loved one on a screen inside.

“We think the text messages and emails are good enough to do a lot of things, but not to transmit emotions,” co-founder Marie Poulle said. “...Taking just a few minutes or seconds to say “I love you” or to say “I care about you” is so very important.”

After getting a Lovebox ($99) as a gift, the recipient plugs it in, connects it to wifi and waits. By using a connected smartphone app, their loved ones can send a message to the box.

They can tell when they've received a message when he heart begin to spin silently. Then after opening the box, they'll find a simple digital message, or a drawing created by the app's developers, on a reflective screen inside.

“It’s really different from a phone; (it's) super exciting, but not disturbing you from what you are doing,” Poulle said.

As many as 20 people can send positive messages to one person. Once the box is opened, messages only last for one minute.

“What we want to do with the Lovebox is create an experience,” Poulle said.

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