Family of man shot, killed by Forest Park officer files lawsuit

FOREST PARK, Ill. -- The family of a man shot to death by a Forest Park police officer a year ago has filed a lawsuit.

Forest Park police say the officer suspected Marco Gomez was driving a stolen car.

The officer opened fire, thinking Gomez was attempting to hit him with his vehicle.

The family believes the shooting was unjustified, and that the department is purposely keeping evidence from them.

According to the family's attorney Andrew Stroth, the Forest Park Police Department's refusal to released evidence to the family is the reason why the lawsuit was filed.

"If they had evidence that supported the officer's version of events, why wouldn't they release that information? Our contention is we think they are hiding video, or hiding evidence or hiding information that tells the truth. The family filed a lawsuit to get the truth," he said.

Forest Park police have placed the officer on administered leave and have not released any information regarding his identity.