What is the record snowfall for the month of February?

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Dear Tom,
We have had a lot of snow so far this February. What’s the record snowfall for the month of February?
— Chuck Kennell
Dear Chuck,
The city’s current normal February snowfall stands at 9.1 inches, ranking as Chicago’s second snowiest month behind 10.8 inches in January. Recent Februarys have been especially snowy, with the month’s snowfall averaging 15.6 inches since 2007, a period that includes five of the all-time 10 snowiest. The city’s snowiest February was in 2011 when 29.0 inches fell, largely buoyed by the Groundhog Day Blizzard, which produced nearly 70 percent of that total on the first two days of the month. However, not all recent Februaries have been snowy. Just last year the month produced just a trace of snow, tying 1998 as the month’s least snowy.