Visiting Angels make sure the elderly feel loved on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner, store displays are spilling over with chocolates and roses. But the holiday isn't always rosy for the elderly, who are often reminded of those they've loved and lost.

So a different group of angels is making sure even they feel the love on Valentine's Day. Volunteers with "Visiting Angels" deliver special flower bouquets to seniors just in time for Valentine's Day.

"It's shocking what flowers can do," said Fred Caffey, Visiting Angels. "Many of our seniors can't get out. Many are widows or widowers and haven't had flowers on Valentines Day, so it's a nice pick me up and it cheers them up."

Visiting Angels started doing deliveries just a couple years ago. Volunteer Rosetta Kirkwood  says the smallest things can make all the difference for these seniors.

"A lot of them are home by themselves and if there's someone to come in and give a smile or say a kind word...that means an awful lot to them," Kirkwood said.

Among the seniors receiving a sweet surprise this year was 97-year-old Pauline Zancanaro, whose husband died nearly 40 years ago, even though pictures and memories of him are front and center. At nearly 100 years old, she's outlived not only her husband, but also most of her friends as well.

"He was a very handsome man and just a good all around person,"   Pauline.  said.

Visiting Angels says the response has been so great that they plan to double up their efforts.