Midday Fix: Winter bird feeding 101

Tony Fulmer, Chief Horticulture Officer, Chalet Landscape, Nursery & Garden Center

Chalet Landscape, Nursery & Garden Center is located at 3132 Lake Ave., Wilmette, Ill.



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  • Place a bird feeder near the shelter of trees or shrubs, if possible.
  • It’s fun to place a feeder where you can see it from the house, to enjoy the view of the birds coming and going.
  • Sunflower is a great seed for feeding birds Peanuts provide protein, and suet cakes are great for “dessert” for birds.
  • To avoid squirrels taking away food for birds, you can buy seeds with hot pepper additives – birds don’t taste the spice, but it will deter squirrels.
  • Remember to set out water for birds during winter, too. Plastic saucers work well, placed close to the house.