Southwest Airlines resume operations at Midway after all flights grounded

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CHICAGO — Southwest Airlines is back up and running -- and trying to get back on its passengers' good side -- after canceling 220 flights at Midway Airport on Sunday.

Southwest has apologized for the mess, saying it ran out of de-icer for its planes after 9 straight days of snow.

Thousands of passengers were stranded at Midway, waiting for their flights to be rebooked.

This morning, Southwest received its shipment of de-icer.  And for the most part the airline got back to normal, with only a handful of cancellations.

Reede Nichols, who was supposed to be just passing through Chicago on a layover from Oregon, told WGN he had to wait 9 hours for crews to pull his bags off his flight. He was given a $100 travel voucher for the bag inconvenience, but nothing for the cancellation.

Cjarlie Price, another traveler who spoke with WGN, ended up sleeping on the floor at Midway.

The airline apologized for any inconvenience, and said affected customers should visit their website.