Woman reports repeated sexual assaults by Chicago police officer in 1980s

CHICAGO — A woman is coming forward about being repeatedly raped by a Chicago police officer three decades ago.

50-Year-old Trina Townsend told her story to the Chicago Police Board during a public hearing.

Dozens of residents watched as Townsend told the secret she’s been keeping.

Townsend said it all started after she went to the officer for help because a family member was molesting her as a teenager.

She said a short time later, the officer drove her to a secluded industrial park and sexually assaulted her in his patrol car.

He “sexually assaulted me on a near monthly basis,” she said. “He was always on duty. He was always in the patrol car. Always in uniform. And he always took me to the same area.”

Townsend said the same thing happened nearly every month.

She was afraid the officer would hurt her, or her family, if she spoke up.

The officer is now retired.

Internal affairs has launched an investigation, but charges are unlikely since the statute of limitations has expired.

The Chicago Tribune reports Townsend told the police board the assaults started in 1981 when she was just 14 and continued for another four years.

But then she told the Tribune that she believed the assaults took place in the late 1980s, which would have put her in her late teens and early 20s.

The Tribune did talk to several people who Townsend confided in, when the assaults were happening.

Her attorney says a second woman told her the same officer groped her at the same time.