Snow continues across the Chicago area… first snowfall totals in from eastern Iowa and northern Illinois

Light snow has been falling across the Chicago area for about two hours. So far, the snow has been light with visibilities holding in the 1 to 2-mile range in most locations.

Some snowfall reports from areas west of Chicago include…

O’Hare Airport 0.5 inches

Midway 0.4 inches

Woodstock 0.8 inches

Rochelle IL 1.5 inches

Zion IL 0.3 inches

Grundy City IA 3.5 inches

Webster City IA 4.0 inches

Sac City IA 3.5 inches

Rockwell City IA 5.0 inches

Iowa Falls IA 4.5 inches

Vinton IA 2.0 inches

St. Charles 0.5 inches

Princeton IL 1.2 inches

Edgewood IA 1.0 inch

Cedar Rapids IA 1.2 inches

Fort Dodge  IA 4.5 inches

Churdan IA 1.2 inches