Disney on Ice and skating in the DNA for family of magical skaters

CHICAGO --  Ryan Santee says he wouldn't be here if it weren't for Disney on Ice. He doesn't mean that metaphorically.  His parents met as performers on the show long before he was born.

In fact, Ryan's first time on the ice was when he was just 11 days old.  Disney on Ice characters hoisted him high in the air during a performance.  His family jokes that was his first "unofficial performance."

That's just how things went in this family where Mom went by "Snow White" and Dad was the "Huntsman."

"My parents were both competitive skaters", says Ryan. "My dad was a junior national champion at one point.  And then they went on to skate 10-plus years with Disney on Ice.  My uncle was a two time Olympian in figure skating."

Ryan is now the second generation Santee to play a lead on Disney on Ice as he takes on the role of Hans from "Frozen" at the Allstate Arena.

His younger sister also performs with a Disney on Ice touring group.

It's a dizzying reality for their parents.

"They often talk about how it's surreal for them to see us on the ice after they've played these roles," says Ryan. "My sister has gone on to play Cinderella and Snow White just like my Mom, so that's kind of freaky!"