What the city’s record is for most consecutive days with a measurable snowfall?

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Dear Tom,
We are currently in a streak where it seems to be snowing every day. What the city’s record is for most consecutive days with a measurable snowfall?
Jim Klipper Highland, Indiana

Dear Jim,
The city is in the midst of a snowy period which began on February 3. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski reports the record for consecutive days with measurable snow is nine which has occurred twice, first from January 29-February 6, 1902 and from January 6-14, 2009. The 1902 string was much ado about nothing, as the combined nine-day snowfall total was just 5.0 inches. The 2009 stretch was far more significant totaling 18.0 inches and was followed by extremely cold weather with the mercury dropping to minus 18 degrees at O’Hare Airport, minus 23 at Barrington and 30 below zero at Joliet on January 18. Daily measurable snowfall Thursday through Sunday would tie this record.

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