Have we ever had a month with no sunshine?

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Dear Tom,

Have we ever had a month with no sunshine?

Don Greifenkamp

Dear Don,

Late fall and early winter is an especially dreary time in Chicago when extensive and persistent cloudiness combined with short daylight seem to provide endless gloom. While we’ve never had a sunless month, Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski, who meticulously catalogs the city’s cloudiness and sunshine, informs us that dating back to 1893, November, 1985 ranks as the city’s all-time dreariest month. The month logged just 16 percent of its possible sunshine, edging out runner-up December, 1975 that registered 19 percent. Wachowski noted that November, 1985 featured 19 days with absolutely no sunshine and just two clear days. The city’s longest sunless stretch lasted 12 days from December 29,1991-January 9, 1992.

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