Man detains suspected carjacker until police arrive

CHICAGO – Police arrested a teen during an attempting carjacking Friday night in Streeterville.

Police say a 54-year-old man left his car running while he unloaded luggage outside the DoubleTree Hotel in the 300 block of East Ohio St when a 15-year-old allegedly attempted to steal it.

The teen jumped in the car and tried to drive away.

The man then jumped in the passenger seat and managed to wrestle the teen out of the car and to the ground, he kept the teen pinned until police arrived.

Witnesses say someone in a black car tried to run over the man holding the suspect down.  They say at least 20 people flooded the intersection to block the man from being hit , including a person in a motorized wheelchair.

Police believe the people in the car may have been the suspects accomplices.

Charges are pending