Firefighter rescues therapy dog from icy Indiana pond

CROWN POINT, Ind. – An Indiana firefighter made a dramatic rescue after a dog fell into an icy pond.

Around 8:45 a.m., Crown Point Fire and Rescue got a call from two maintenance workers at a nursing home near Indiana Ave and Greenview Pl.

They heard barking and saw a dog had fallen through the ice into a retention pond.

Firefighter Keith Boersma put on what's called a mustang suit and made his way to the dog.

“Once I had the suit on, I crawled out on the ice on my belly to keep my weight distributed then the ice got too thin I fell in,” he said.  “I rolled on my back so I didn't get any water in my suit and swam over to the dog.”

He grabbed Chiquita, a lab mix, and swam to the shore.

The firefighters took the dog it to a nearby animal hospital for evaluation.

“It could have been a worse outcome I'm glad they heard the dog barking and went and investigated,” Boersma said.  “It was a good feeling getting that done. I'm sure it will stick with me for a while.”

Chiquita is actually an epilepsy therapy dog and is expected to be ok.