Tavis Smiley in Chicago fighting sexual misconduct allegations with town hall series

CHICAGO -- TV host Tavis Smiley is in Chicago for a town hall meeting Thursday night. It's part of his fight against sexual misconduct allegations that led PBS to stop airing his show.

In an interview on WGN Morning News Thursday, he said the country needs to find a way for men and women to engage each other in the workplace.

"People have different views about whether or not there is such a thing as a consensual relationship in the workplace, I get that, and I respect that,"  But even if you think it was a mistake, at best, does that lead to termination? Does it lead to and justify this kind of public shaming? I just don't think that in this moment we have to get spooked and conflate consenting relationships between adults with rape and assault and misconduct. They are not the same thing."

You can see Tavis Smiley Thursday night at St. Sabina Church for "The Conversation: Men, Women and the Workplace."

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