Memorializing dead is family’s life work – for six generations!

CHICAGO -- The business of memorializing the dead isn't for everyone but for the Gast family, it is their life's work.

For six generations, Gast Monuments has created over 150,000 headstones and monuments as tributes to those who have passed.

The business began along Clark and Lawrence in 1880 when sculptor Englebert Gast immigrated from Germany and opened shop.

Since then, Gast Monuments has created some of the most iconic gravestones in Chicago's history. From Chicago's earliest mayors to Ernie Banks's monument created just last year, the Gast family has had their touch on much of Chicago's history.

Jim Gast says his greatest joy comes from revisiting the work he's done over the years, saying "When I go back to the cemetery I want to see the things I did years ago. It makes me feel good.I say, okay, my job still looks good. It is still one of the best in this area. This is their family legacy too and it's gonna be there forever."