Annual gala shows Junior Council of Chicago commitment to those living with HIV

It was the late 80's when the AIDS crisis became a worldwide epidemic. And it was also during this time that a small group of young professionals decided to raise money to help those living with HIV.

The Junior Council of Chicago's commitment to helping those locally hasn't wavered in 30 years. To date, they've raised over 2 million dollars that has gone to Lurie Children Hospital's Pediatric Aids Clinic. The money raised helps with the cost of expensive medication not always covered by insurance, doctor visits and even educational scholarships.

According to the CDC there are over 60,000 adolescents currently living with HIV in the U.S.. Junior Council of Chicago has made it their mission to help these young people live their lives to the fullest by supporting them through their charity funds.

This Saturday, they are holding their annual Snowball Gala in hopes of reaching this year's goal of $245,000. If you'd like to know more or make a donation to their cause, you can find their webpage at